Best Soundbar under 200

When you choose a soundbar under 200, you need consider a lot like the quality, value and price.

If you take the same opinion as that, our page will be a sweet choice for your stopping by. All the soundbar under 200 listed here have a high quality and have received a good customer satisfactions.

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Best Value Soundbar under 200

Sony HT-CT150 3D Sound Bar System

Complete your 3D home entertainment experience with simple, yet powerful surround sound. The HT-CT150 32″ 3D sound bar home theater system features 3D compatibility and can also be turned into your entertainment hub by connecting multiple HD or 3D devices using a single HDMI cable per device (sold separately).

Consumer Reviews
  • “Pro’s: -Very easy setup -Sound quality is very good.” – Rebecca Bazyk
  • “Sound quality is Great, very loud, excellent Bass.” – Rami Alnajjar
  • “It does a really good job of mimicking true 5.1 Surround Sound.” – MikesGravity

Yamaha YAS-101BL Front Surround System, Piano Black

One-body system with built-in powerful subwoofer. Easy setup, stylish design and luxuriously rich surround sound – this soundbar takes video enjoyment to a new level.

Consumer Reviews
  • “It’s crystal clear, surround sound, and the bass is perfect.” – Ryan Sickle
  • “After hooking up this sound bar ( easy) it sounded very good.” – Ronnie Mullis
  • “Even my wife noticed whe could hear the dialogue clearly now, even during action scenes, so this is a big plus for the Yamaha.” – Corpsman

Yamaha ATS-1010BL Factory Refurbished  Front Surround System

Yamaha Factory Refurbished items are products, which may have been purchased and opened by a consumer, but have been tested, inspected, and repackaged by Yamaha.

Consumer Reviews
  • “Great sound, easy to set up.” – Tom McD.
  • “It’s crystal clear, surround sound, and the bass is perfect.” – Ryan Sickle
  • “Even my wife noticed whe could hear the dialogue clearly now, even during action scenes, so this is a big plus for the Yamaha.” – Corpsman

Philips CSS2123B/F7 SoundBar Home Cinema Speakers

Philips CSS2123/F7 Powerful and Compact Soundbar.Power supply: 110V, 50/60 Hz.Subwoofer freq range: 20 – 150 Hz.

Consumer Reviews
  • “I didn’t want to spend a fortune and I wanted something that made my flat screen sound much, much better.” – yolchie
  • “The sound is clean and crisp, and the bass is amazing.” – Angela
  • “Connecting the soundbar to the TV with a coaxial digital cable may or may not work.” – Book Enthusiast

LG Electronics NB3530A Sound Bar System

LG NB3530A SOUND BAR AUDIO SYSTEM WITH BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITYAchieving great sound with your television is what this LG Sound Bar System is all about.

Consumer Reviews
  • “It was very simple to set up and Sounds great and looks great.” – R. Lanier
  • “The ability to play music from my phone wirelessly via Bluetooth is AWESOME!” – RobCL
  • “Crisp, clear highs, full rich and natural sound in the mid range and great bass without being muddy.” – Guy Dagar

ZVOX 4002201 Audio Z-Base 220 Low-Profile Single Cabinet Sound System

Only about the size of a DVD player, the Z-Base 220 system can fill your room with rich, satisfying 3D sound – including thumping bass response – with no external speakers, subwoofers or speaker wires! The 220′s sound quality is excellent because we use high performance speakers and amplifiers.

Consumer Reviews
  • “My hubby was turning the TV sound up to MAX just to hear dialog.” – B. Horvath
  • “Very customizable sound controls: volume, bass, treble, voice clarity, etc.” – James Lewis
  • “Very easy to install.” – Bling8888

Sony HTCT60 Soundbar with Subwoofer


Consumer Reviews
  • “I’m very happy with this product,, It has a great sound enough for my expectations,,, great base,,,, totally satisfied.” – Sam
  • “Subwoofer adds a nice amount of base.” – Steven Quigley
  • “The first one lasted about two months.” – T. Werkema

LG NB3730A 47-Inch Sound Bar With Wireless Subwoofer, Bluetooth, Internet Applications

With the NB3730A Sound Bar System, you’ll take your entertainment to a new level. Hear wide, spacious sound from just one slim speaker system. And, with Built-In Wi-Fi you have access to the best of the Internet and LG Apps at your fingertips.

Consumer Reviews
  • “The Bluetooth capability also means you can stream music from your blue tooth capable cell phone or iPod/iOs devices.” – Jeri Zerr
  • “Sound was clear and very crisp.” – J. Dassaro
  • “And after the update, the problem didn’t persist, so I don’t know if it was just a fluke, or really an issue with the older firmware on the unit.” – John S. Dean

VIZIO SB4021M-B1 40-Inch 2.1 Home Theater Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

Upgrade to premium audio with VIZIO’s 40″ 1 Home Theater Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer. Its sophisticated design and slim profile make an attractive addition to any 42″ and larger TVs.

Consumer Reviews
  • “The sound is significantly better than the TV speakers, much fuller and cleaner and I was surprised how good the bass was (adds a lot of depth).” – Carolyn L. Blackwood
  • “Can hear everything on a very low setting, so it does not disturb anyone else in the house.” – shirley steele
  • “Vizeo TV remote can not control it so you need both remotes, however the Direct TV learning remote works on it and now I control the bar and the tv with that remote.” – Bob 34215

VIZIO SB4020E-B0 40-Inch 2.0 Home Theater Sound Bar (Black)

Upgrade to premium audio with VIZIO’s 40″ 2.0 Home Theater Sound Bar. Its sophisticated design and slim profile make an attractive addition to any 42″ TV and larger.

Consumer Reviews
  • “This sound bar works well.” – Andrew Stuckey
  • “You will not be able to program your Dish remote to replace the remote that comes with this sound bar.” – Springhouseva
  • “You can’t go wrong!” – John Gough

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